“The only thing constant in life is change.”
— Francois de la Rochefoucauld

My Little Love, if you can learn this at an early age, you’ll be far better off than me! I actually prefer to paraphrase this quote to say: “ShiFt Happens!” Some people are really good at it; at navigating change. Others, not so much. Your mom, not so much.

This sad fact was brought to my attention again last night as I begrudgingly went through the iPhone update to the new operating system. “New” means “change” which means I have to “adapt”  and learn how to navigate something I had formerly “mastered.” Its quite pathetic, if I’m honest. I’m genuinely a quick adapter, but its taking that first step thats always the hardest.

Change means that something will no longer be predictable to me. And I love predictability. When something isn’t predictable, it means that I can’t know or control the outcome. And I love knowing and controlling. Another horrible confession from your mom: I won’t start a game unless there is a 75% chance that I’ll win. If I can’t predict those odds, I will most likely find a reason to sit out. If I can’t sit out, I will play with such little effort that it is incredibly obvious to anyone involved that I am not trying. (And if I’m not trying, it’s not my fault if I lose. Disgusting logic.)

  • Please learn from my pathetic mistakes and flaws.
  • Embrace change.
  • Learn to love it.
  • It’s not going anywhere.
  • And, well, you won’t go anywhere unless you learn to accept it.

As your Dad and I prepare for your grand arrival in just a few short weeks, we’re realizing just how much change we’re about to encounter in our lives. Good change, we’re sure. But, change nonetheless. Thankfully, God must have planned pregnancies for people like me. By the time you arrive, I will have had just short of 40 weeks to prepare for this change. And 40 weeks of preparation is beautifully ideal!

Sometimes in life you’re going to know when a change is coming. You’re going to be given a heads up and choose to take that time to prepare for change. You can successfully close the chapter you’re living in and boldly walk into the next chapter waiting for you. You can be mindful of every single moment, knowing that the moments you’re savoring will soon be memories. You can prepare your mind to have a positive mindset about the change taking place. You can navigate the change gracefully because you’ve had time to prepare and embrace it.

But life doesn’t always happen that way.

Unfortunately for people like your mom, most times change comes and it’s as predictable as the wind. It will catch you by surprise. Even during the times you think you’ve prepared for the change, something will catch you off guard. My advice to you, is do whatever you can to live a life ready for change. Live your life in such a way that no matter what obstacle plants itself right in front of your face, you’re ready to face it head on. Live your life knowing that these changes are being orchestrated by Someone with far better thoughts, views, plans and purposes than we could ever dream of. And then allow Him to orchestrate those changes with no resistance from you. Remain pliable, flexible. Hold onto things loosely, with an open hand. Knowing that ultimately, whatever you’re holding onto is far better off in His capable hands than yours.

Trust God’s plans for you and stay closely on His path. If you can confidently declare that you are on that path, there’s great comfort in knowing that even when there’s a turn in the road or huge road block- you’re on His path and He’s directing you and He knows about the changes, even when you don’t.  If you leave room for any doubt. If you try to forge a path on your own. Those turns and those blocks will be much more intimidating and effective in rerouting your course. Don’t try it. It’s not worth it.

My Little Love, I can say this with great confidence: You are the best change ever. The best turn in the road that we are thrilled to be experiencing. The changes you’ve already caused in our lives have been embraced and it is so easy to see His obvious hand in all of this. You’re already teaching me a lot. And you’ve given me great hope that change is good. Good to experience. And good for me, period. Thank you. You’re already being used by God to shape me into a better “me” and I am super glad that He chose YOU to make these shifts happen. Some are long overdue.